"It's all about the thin crust pizza!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I go about obtaining a Vito & Nick’s franchise?

    For a general introduction to owning your own Vito & Nick’s franchise, please review our Franchising Opportunities.

    Send us an e-mail with some brief information about yourself and the franchise locations you would be interested in opening a Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria, and please complete our Franchise Information Request Form.

  • How long does the application process take from beginning to end?

    For U.S. Opportunities: Upon completion of the personal interview, Vito & Nick’s will make a decision within 3 to 4 weeks regarding your approval status. For International Opportunities: The application approval process may take several months because of the amount of information needed to complete an application.

  • Does Vito & Nick’s franchise to individuals, partnerships, or corporations?

    Yes, to all of the above. Vito & Nick’s will franchise to individuals, partnerships, and corporations.

  • Will Vito & Nick’s assist me with financing a store?

    Vito & Nick’s franchisees are required to have their own financial systems in place to build and operate their stores. However, we can provide a list of lenders who have expressed interest in lending to franchisees.

  • Does Vito & Nick’s award territories or regions?

    For U.S. Opportunities: Franchisees are awarded franchise rights for a specific store location.

    For International Opportunities: Yes, Vito & Nick’s awards territories or regions to its international franchisees.

  • Can I purchase an existing store?

    For U.S. Opportunities: To obtain a list of stores available for purchase, please contact Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria.

    For International Opportunities: Vito & Nick’s is open to all inquiries for international expansion in countries not currently under development. To learn more about international development opportunities please contact Vito & Nick’s.

  • I have an ideal location in mind and there are no other Vito & Nick’s locations nearby. Can I pursue this location?

    For U.S. Opportunities: Prior to discussing potential locations with applicants interested in opportunities with Vito & Nick’s, applicants must go through our application approval process. Upon approval as a potential Vito & Nick’s franchisee candidate, our Real Estate Department can then help you begin to investigate possible locations.

  • Does Vito & Nick’s require royalty payments?

    For U.S. Opportunities: Yes. The current royalty fee is 5.5 %. This fee payment contributes to the overall support system, e.g., training, field support, purchasing, construction, new product development, and quality control, to mention just a few. There is also an Advertising Fund fee of 1.5 % that supports all marketing programs.

    For International Opportunities: Yes. Royalty payments, franchise fee, and store opening fees are negotiated for each country on an individual basis.

  • How much money can I expect to make?

    For U.S. and International Opportunities: Vito & Nick’s does not make earnings claims regarding any of our locations. The amount of money individual locations can expect to make will vary depending on a multitude of factors, including the locations and demographics, operating costs, sales, and the overall ability of the franchisee to operate and manage their franchise location(s). Other considerations for international franchisees would include duties, tariffs, etc.

  • In what areas is Vito & Nick’s actively looking for franchisees?

    Illinois & Florida

  • May I obtain a copy of Vito & Nick’s Franchise Disclosure Document?

    For U.S. and International Opportunities: Upon completion and acceptance of the application, a copy of Vito & Nick’s current Franchise Disclosure Document will be provided to you during your initial interview.

  • Is there opportunity to own more than one location?

    For U.S. Opportunities: Yes. Franchisees are awarded locations based on their ability to operate their existing stores and their financial ability to support additional locations.

    For International Opportunities: Yes. In fact, international franchisees join the Vito & Nick’s system with the commitment to open multiple locations within an awarded territory or region.

  • What type of training will I receive before I open a store?

    For U.S. Opportunities: Vito & Nick’s will provide initial training for a minimum of 3 individuals, which is conducted at the Training Center in Chicago, IL prior to the new store opening. The training includes:

    • 3 weeks of Training

    Up to 5 days of on-site training is also provided at the store opening.

    For International Opportunities: Extensive training for the franchisee and his/her staff consists of several weeks at Vito & Nick’s training center and at the corporate office.

  • Is there a cost to attend the initial training?

    For U.S. and International Opportunities: The cost for the initial training for the prospective franchisee and staff is included in the initial franchise fee. However, the prospective franchisee is responsible for all other expenses incurred while attending training, including travel costs, room and board, and employee salaries.

  • Is there ongoing support provided?

    For U.S. and International Opportunities: You will have ongoing access to our expertise and materials in the areas of:

    • Business development and administration
    • Site selection and store leasing
    • Construction
    • Purchasing
    • Training
    • Store operations
    • Quality control
    • Advertising and promotions
    • Marketing
    • Research and development